The lonely road back

Alright, so we have explored the fun times associated with anticipation that builds up to going to Hawaii. Now it is time to go over the exhausting feeling of having to pack and come back home. During the stay, you get to explore the island, go scuba diving, and see sights that you have never seen before, which is gratifying. I can’t think of a better place to visit than Hawaii. The blue water, large waves, being from the East coast, we don’t see waves even remotely close to the size of the ones in Hawaii! I know a guy at roof repair roswell┬áthat learned to surf at 40 years old! Now he is almost a seasoned pro, (he would say anyway).

So, you start to look around at the mess you have created in your hotel room, condo, or whatever. And begin the task of picking up your aftermath of clothes, shoes, new shirts and souvenirs that you have purchased to start packing away. That is the start of knowing you are on the way home. In some cases, depending on how long you stay, you may even be ready to come home! But that is less likely when visiting Hawaii and all that it has to offer in the form of scenery, and fun in the sun. When we go to Florida, or somewhere in the southeast where we have been before, we are most of the time ready to come back after five to seven days. A few of the sights and things to do below.

What I like seeing are the older Volcano grounds that have spewed lava all over the islands and created more land mass than there was before. If you haven’t been you need to explore at least once in your life, to see the true landscape of a state and area that was derived from volcanic activity! Also, you have to take a nice camera, or use your smart phone if that has a good high resolution camera already on it. From there, you can upload it to the online file server of your choice, dropbox, or wherever you may choose, facebook is good too. These are photos that you won’t want to lose because it reminds you of being there all over again and chances are you will want to go back if you look at these albums in the future!

Anyway, this is kind of how it feels to be rounding out the last day or two on your trip to Hawaii. You will be wishing there was only another day or two left so that you can stay, bask in the sun and water or sight see a little longer. Hopefully now you are somewhat prepared for the withdrawal yo uwill have upon leaving the island.