The lonely road back

Alright, so we have explored the fun times associated with anticipation that builds up to going to Hawaii. Now it is time to go over the exhausting feeling of having to pack and come back home. During the stay, you get to explore the island, go scuba diving, and see sights that you have never seen before, which is gratifying. I can’t think of a better place to visit than Hawaii. The blue water, large waves, being from the East coast, we don’t see waves even remotely close to the size of the ones in Hawaii! I know a guy at roof repair roswell that learned to surf at 40 years old! Now he is almost a seasoned pro, (he would say anyway).

So, you start to look around at the mess you have created in your hotel room, condo, or whatever. And begin the task of Continue reading “The lonely road back”

Preparing for a Hawaii haitus

Welcome to our first blog post about the ever so exciting preparation of heading to the Aloha state of Hawaii. We try not to burst at the seams too early once we have booked our trip because life still goes on, right? So we pretend that we aren’t thinking about our upcoming journey and continue to make life happen in our hometown of Atlanta, GA. So, with that said, some things have to be considered before last minute though I am sure you understand. Typically we start the research online for what island we want to visit and then plan our days accordingly.

One of my friends over at bankruptcy attorney gwinnett always finds extra things to buy before we leave for Hawaii. I mean, just finds things that really no one even needs, but since we are headed to Hawaii, might as well buy it! Extra scuba gear, masks, goggles, etc. Continue reading “Preparing for a Hawaii haitus”